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"I write from my heart always romantically (romantic in it's literal sense, imaginative ...emotionally appealing) communicating ardent imagery amidst a landscape of cutting edge juxtaposed retrospective styles. The objective is to achieve appealing sounds by unconventional recording techniques, musical arrangements and mixes. My lyrics usually have double meanings and are based on an idea, feeling, memory, incident, opinion, or story set to music." db.

bandDiana Berry has been singing, playing guitar and writing music since she was four years old. She has been featured in the CMJ music festival, the BMI songwriters series, and her song Tendertown is currently on exhibit at a memorial environmental sound installation museum in Yoho national park, British Columbia.

Known as a trend setter and musician's musician, Diana is a dedicated artist and poet. She has played extensively throughout the USA both solo or with a full band. Her cds are distributed throughout the world. She is an electric performer with incredible stage presence, as well as an extremely entertaining woman. Her concerts are very well received and she often volunteers her musical performances to support worthy causes.

Also an actor since childhood, the multi talented Ms. Berry has worked extensively in theatre, film, television and playwriting. She continues to work and study currently with theatre legend Lloyd Richards, former dean of Yale school of drama and director of Yale repertory theatre), and would like to teach acting someday as well as write a smashing musical, screenplay, get involved in soundtrack work, perform great roles, and of course make and produce many more records...
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"Diana is the exception with equal parts Mick Jagger swagger and the unpredictable fragility of Cat Power.
Diana Berry packs a vocal punch like the divine Debbie (Harry) herself.
All her romanticism is couched in spiky layers of British invasion guitar chords and energetic romping."

Kat Long
GO NYC magazine
"Diana Berry's More will be revealed a hot new release."

"A New female voice in the world of music with much to offer Diana Berry.
Energy. That is what Diana Berry exudes.
Ms. Berry crosses many different styles of music such as punk, disco, straight ahead rock and roll and even balladry for an eclectic mix that works well.
Her voice is a classic rock voice, full of swagger and influences as Debbie Harry
and Patti Smith."

Stephen Mirek,
Connecticut Living
Brooks Newspapers
"The best song is communicate and it is quite catchy, you also get ballads which are quite acceptable.
Winning vocal performances
At the end of the day Diana Berry is a talented Lass!"

Nicky Baldrian
Hot New AOR Reviews, Wales, U.K.
"Chic with a pick Up and coming glamour puss and rock diva. You've never seen anyone like her."

Next Magazine
"If Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry and PJ Harvey were all melded into one human being you might end up with rocker Diana Berry."

Robert M. Kahn,
The Advocate
"A true glamour rock goddess."

Anngel Delaney
Blade News
Up and coming rock goddess Diana Berry struts her stuff."

"Her Music demonstrates an in depth feeling as it explores the human experience regarding political, social and emotional issues."

Minuteman News
"Diana Berry's More Will be Revealed is a contemporary rock album packed with melodic song writing, powerful instrumental passages and cutting edge recording production."

Connecticut Times
Entertainment Section
"Diana Berry took her wild fun to the wild and fun CBGB in NY last week. She had with her a collection of fine songs Ms. Berry fronts a great band and is not just your average rocker."

Dave Candler,
Gig America
"Songwriter Diana Berry exploded onto the Globe theatre stage in a flash of energy and sound. Her bright yellow telecaster slung low across her waist while the word Heaven screamed across her chest."

Michael McGovern,
Darien News Review